GOTTOWOW Eye Massager with Heat, Eye Therapy Massager with Compression, Vibration, Bluetooth Music, 5 Modes Rechargeable, for Relieve Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eyes Improve Sleep, White

  • 【Heat compress massager】Eye massager has trigger point, vibration pressure and rhythmic percussion massage, constant temperature hot compress 100 to 109 Fahrenheit (38℃-43℃), promote eye blood circulation, eliminate dark circles, beauty eyes, better relieve eye fatigue, eye edema, dry eyes, completely relax your eyes
  • 【Accurate acupoint massage】Our eye protection equipment imitates artificial kneading and pressing acupoints. Through vibration and heating massage, it can relieve fatigue more deeply for acupoints around eyes, eyebrows and temples. It can also effectively help you to be refreshed after a long time of work or study. 【Eye massager is not suitable for people who have undergone eye surgery, retinal diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, etc.】
  • 【One-click operation】The rhythm of our eye massager with air pressure, vibration, heating, music features, four composite (air pressure massage, vibration massage and hot compress + music), clear (air pressure massage + hot compress, music), sleep (air pressure massage), energy (air pressure massage vibration massage + music), comfortable (hot compress + music) 5 kinds of massage mode, one-click choose corresponding patterns to carry on the massage, Accompanied by a voice prompt
  • 【Bluetooth music for sleep】The built-in speaker connects the bluetooth of the mobile phone to play music at will. The rhythm mode will vibrate along with the rhythm of the music to guide relaxation, reduce anxiety and tension, relax the mood and improve the quality of sleep
  • 【Portable design】Electric eye massager adopts 180° adjustable portable design, ergonomic nose groove design and adjustable elastic band, can be charged through USB interface, the battery can last 2-4 hours, so that you can carry with you when you work or travel