SomaCare Back Pain Relief, Advanced Hot Therapy

Size Neck & Shoulder
Material Cotton
Brand SomaCare
Color Red
Model Name Heat Pack

  • INSTANT HOT/COLD THERAPY PACK: Wrap your tension-filled neck and shoulders in comforting warmth with our therapy pack, perfect for any body part. Also used for BOTH warm and cold compressions by cooling it in the fridge. Do not freeze or put in freezer
  • TREAT THE STRESS IN YOUR BODY: Whether you’ve spent too much time at a desk, experience inflammation or chronic pain from an old injury, you’ll love how quickly our heat therapy breaks down the stress you hold in your body
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: A perfect traveling accessory for all your travels! Whether you plan to go hiking, camping, or anywhere outdoors- you can use our heating packs for emergency warming up or simply enjoy the soothing relief at work
  • REUSABLE THERAPY: Just apply our reusable heat pack to muscles for 15-20 minutes prior to physical exertion to maintain limber muscles and tendons. Use the heat pack where you experience pain up to 20 minutes for soothing release from tightness
  • SUPER EASY TO USE: Activate: Flex the metal disk back and forth, the hot pack will reach a temperature of 130F and stay hot for up to 1 hour. Reset after use: Wrap in a cloth and place in boiling water for 15-20 min, allow to cool. Not microwavable